Friday, July 3, 2015


 If you're still trying to figure out that PERFECT manicure for the upcoming holiday look no further. I have compiled all of my "patriotic" manicures old and new. Even if all these do is convince you to NOT do something, then I have helped you out. ;)
Links below match each picture (for full size and details) starting in the upper left hand corner and going clockwise.

After this it is pretty safe to say that I love polka dots. What can I say? They're easy and look great!

I would LOVE to see your manicure for the 4th! Email, link below, post on Facebook, or tag on twitter!

Four for the Fourth #4

Today's manicure is my Fourth of July manicure for this year. This design was inspired by a geometric ikat print. While today's manicure was more involved and meticulous than yesterdays, it is still easy and can be done with a dotting tool (pin head, bobby pin, etc.).
Easy peasy. Just dot a design and call it a day. I know this isn't super amazing up close, but I love it. I've actually been "stopped" because of it already. 
What will your nails look like on the 4th? Need any inspiration? Check back later;)

Polishes used: Zoya Sailor, Song, Rocky, Purity, Aphrodite, and Demetria

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Four for the Fourth #3

Today's manicure is simple but stunning. The colors, all of which are from the Paradise Sun and Island Fun collections this season, are what make this one shine.
Polishes used: Zoya Genesis, Aphrodite, Oceane, Demetria, and Talia

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Four for the Fourth #2

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends!

Today's manicure was requested by a friend. She said that she loves fun manicures but feels too childish when they're bright or sparkly. Here is my faded manicure channeling Old Glory.
 This could work for polishes of any tone, vibrancy, or finish.
Polishes used: Zoya Genesis, Purity, Kristen, and Brigitte

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Four for the Fourth #1

Red, white, & blue?

Yes, please!

I have 4 new 4th of July manicures here for you this week. I apologize in advance to my non-American readers for these posts. Truth be told, many can be adapted to ANY country's flag's colors. Some are rather "stars and stripes" while others are more abstract bringing in the colors only.

Today's manicure was actually a "fail" but isn't unwearable. I was inspired by a colorful, summery chevron print I saw and I thought it would look pretty cool as a tricolor patriotic manicure.
This ended up being very sloppy in its execution. I was rushed due to the constraints of naptime. I'm sorry that I skipped clean up (it's rather embarassing actually). I like the idea though, maybe sometime I'll have to redo this.
Polishes used: Zoya Genesis (base), Sailor, Oceane, Demetria, and Aphrodite