Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autunn Nail Art Challenge--Green

In the autumn most things are changing color and taking on more vibrant hues. That being said, green is not very high on my list of autumnal colors. Trying to be inspired, I took out nearly every green polish I owned, put a few away, and used the rest. Here is the result for...
I think it kind of looks like leaves. Due to the leaf-like nature of this manicure, I decided to see how the leaves would look on trees...
Not sure which I prefer. It was fun to experiment and play with my greens:)

Polishes used: Zoya Neely, Vespa, Bevin, Evvie, Chita, Veruschka, Suvi, Hunter, Edyta
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Nail Art Compilation

Halloween is just 10 days away and many people might still be looking for that perfect Halloween manicure to either compliment their attire or enhance their costume. I thought it might be fun to create a link up that has a bunch of these manicures to share and to inspire others. I was going to use a link up tool that has thumbnails, however mine is not working so here is the next best thing. Please leave your link and feel free to add the link up to your blog as well!

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Halloween Nail Art

Monday, October 20, 2014

Zoya Wishes Winter/Holiday 2014 Press Release

 really do come true with this magical new nail polish collection for Winter/Holiday 2014! 

Zoya Wishes is a densely pigmented assortment featuring both traditional and Magical PixieDust* formulas in coordinating color combinations that can be worn alone or combined into stunning combinations, no matter how you wear them, this collection delivers a fanciful way to celebrate the season!


ZP766 - NORI: Sapphire blue Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, perfect for any holiday festivity. 
ZP767 - THEA: Deep amethyst Magical PixieDust* with an orchid flash, packed full of party-ready holographic hex glitter.
ZP768 - IMOGEN: Black crystal Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, just add an LBD and you’re off! 
ZP769 - PRIM: Velvet blue metallic, with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application. 
ZP770 - HAVEN: True holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance. 
ZP771 - WILLA: Full-coverage, onyx black cream.

* Zoya Magical PixieDust is textured, matte and sparkling. No base coat and top coat required.



$9 (US) Standard Colors
$10 (US) - PixieDust Colors 

Available in top salons, spas and on

Friday, October 17, 2014

SinfulColors Halloween 2014 Wicked Color Collection

I was fortunate enough to be able to try some of the newest polishes released by SinfulColors for their Wicked Color Halloween Collection (all polishes shown in graphic below). They sent me five of these fun polishes to try: Glow In The Dark, Mystery Moonshine, Pumpkin Spice, Cauldron Couture, and Splatter Spell.

Glow In The Dark is described as "Ghoulishly fluorescent." Shown above in indirect light and in complete darkness. I only used one coat of the polish and let the polish and my hands sit in direct sunlight before taking either photograph. In direct sunlight (below) the polish appears to have particles within it and is not completely clear.

 Mystery Moonshine is festively described as "Multi-colored confetti." This polish truly resembles confetti with its irregular foil pieces in copper, emerald, and periwinkle floating in its clear base. Above one and two coats of this MardiGras-esque polish are shown. Below, two coats of Mystery Moonshine are shown over a bright periwinkle polish (SinfulShine Alfresco).

 Pumpkin Spice is a "Twinkling fall orange." This clear polish is full of tiny gold and small copper hexagonal glitters. Shown above you can see its density in one and two coats. Below, two coats of Pumpkin Spice are shown over a black polish (SinfulColors Black on Black).

Splatter Spell, a layering polish with "Gilded black flecks," also shown above as one and two coats. This clear base has tiny, small, and large black hexagonal glitters. It is also contains small and large copper hexagonal glitters as well as irregular foil pieces of the same color. There also appear to be some irregular gold foil pieces as well. Below two coats of Spatter Spell are shown over a peach polish (Essie A Crewed Interest).

Cauldron Couture is a "Wickedly glittery emerald." Shown above in one and two coats of this glittery topcoat. This clear base has tiny, small, and large black hexagonal glitters. It is also contains small and large emerald green hexagonal glitters as well as irregular foil pieces of the same color. Below two coats of Cauldron Couture are shown over a mint green polish (Essie Mint Candy Apple).

The Verdict:
These were fun polishes to try. I enjoyed the variety of glitters and foil particles in Cauldron Couture, Splatter Spell, and Mystery Moonshine. These were also my favorites of the bunch and the most unique. If you love glitter, layering, or "jelly sandwich" manicures you should walk run to your nearest SinfulColors retailer and grab these before they're gone. They are definitely versatile and playful.

Also, if anyone has successfully used a glow-in-the-dark polish, I would love to hear any tips and tricks that you may have!

Available for $1.99 exclusively at Walgreens & Target stores in October 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn Nail Art Challenge--Yellow

I love how happy the color yellow is. However, I do not own many yellow polishes. Also, I recently did a yellow manicure so I was stumped on finding something new to do! I eventually decided that I wanted to use a yellow and grey color scheme and created this for this week's challenge...
I like how Darcy brings out the golden/yellow flecks in Yuna. I'm also happy that I decided not to use a cream grey, the shimmer definitely adds interest and depth to this manicure.

Polishes used: Zoya Darcy, Yuna, Seraphina

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