Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankfulness Giveaway

I am so thankful for so much.  Every year I realize how incredibly blessed I am.  I among the things I am thankful for is the opportunity to blog, attempt nail art, and for the relationships I have made with those of you who follow this blog.  I am so grateful for each comment and email I am sent.  You have no idea how much you make my day by saying something so simple, kind, or constructive.  To thank you I am giving away Barielle's fall collections New York Style and Runway Fever.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Metallics make me...


I love how a good metallic polish can elongate your fingers and nails.  I think metallics are perfect for autumn and winter (but they're amazing year round as well).  I always struggle to find metallic looking polishes that are not overly frosty (aka. brush stroke madness).  EVERY company has at least one metallic polish (heck, Essie recently made an entire collection of them!) whether it is silver, gold, bronze, etc.

Among metallic polishes, gunmetal grey is definitely a popular/staple color.  I have a number of gunmetal metallic polishes that I adore!  My favorites include:
  1. Zoya Freja
  2. Revlon Carbonite
  3. Barielle Granite Glitter
Here is a pretty shot of Barielle Granite Glitter...
The infamous non-swatching (left) hand!
What's your favorite gunmetal/metallic nail polish?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Playing with Polish--Subtle Fancy Accent Nail

I am aware that many of my "Playing with Polish" posts consist of me dressing up an old manicure. I know that I gravitate toward accent nail designs and glitter.  Someday I will be more adventurous and creative, but that day is not today;)

This lovely manicure was Barielle Soho at Night.  I got REALLY bored with this one, probably  because I wore this medium/dark purple twice in one month for who knows what reason.  I guess I got a little purple happy?  To dress it up I took my dark, nearly black, plum (Revlon Plum Night) and just painted a random loopy, scroll and dots design.
I had just put cuticle oil on & could not get it off my nails so they look smudged.  Also, please forgive the tip wear:)
I love this!  I love how subtle it is.  I adore the elegance.  I think I need to try this in other colors.  Maybe next time I should do this to all my nails!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

L'Oreal Beautigasm

THIS my loves was a long time coming...

The majority of blogs that I follow feature nail polish.  However most of the vloggers on youtube that I follow feature cosmetics, beauty  and fashion advice/tutorials.  Well, way back in August, Dianna of Beautigasm visited L'Oreal, made her own color and vlogged about it!  She also made 25 custom bottles of her amazing color to giveaway!  I was lucky enough to snag one of these limited edition polishes.
Dianna created her signature color, a bright, yet cool-toned, fuchsia packed with cool silvery blue shimmer.  She also decided to name it "Beautigasm" after her blog.

The application was amazing.  It was so effortless and smooth to apply.  This polish was VERY pigmented (and does not stain); the above picture shows 2 coats (it would have been one but I smudged it)!  I really like this color and while it really isn't very autumnal, I think I may wear it in the winter when I need a pick-me-up AND I'm dying to wear it in the summer!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Purple Glittery Goodness

More purple-icious-ness...

I was wearing Revlon Plum Night, an autumn staple, and it needed an update after a few days.  What makes a manicure better when it starts to chip or lose its charm? GLITTERRRRRRRRRRRR
Please excuse the tip wear <3
I added a glittery accent nail in Barielle Purple Hearts from the Dazzling Diamonds Collection.  This purple glitter is just so much fun.  I love the different shades, sizes, and shapes of glitter that give this polish its character.

If you think this manicure looks familiar from me, perhaps it's because you remember this one.  I recently shared an edition of "Playing with Polish" that featured Purple Hearts over Barielle Soho at Night.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Butter London No More Waity, Katie

Confession: I gravitate toward PURPLE during the autumn.  I have no clue why but I JUST realized this while editing photos!  So this week I will share some of my recent "purple" manicures:)

A couple of months ago, you may have remember the ULTA/Butter London B1G1 sale.  I posted my haul and shared that I picked up No More Waity, Katie.  I love any nail polish that has my name/nickname/surname in it, so I picked up this baby.  
The Verdict:
I love the beautiful lavender glitter in the gruple (grey/purple) jelly base.  Yes, I really like this combination, I know that some do not like it, so to each their own.  I have nothing like this which makes me love it more.  It applied flawlessly. I believe that the photo above shows three coats, due to the jelly-like base.

HOWEVER, this polish only lasted 1 day before chipping:-\  I used a base coat and a topcoat that I usually have no issues with.  I will definitely give this another go, but I think it's the polish (or the October curse).  Sometimes polishes just don't agree with our body chemistry and this might be of those for me.  Even so, it just gives me another excuse to change my polish again if it still chips:)

Butter London polishes can be purchased from Ulta or the Butter London website for $14 each.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you a trendsetter, influencer, or reviewer?

Hello Loves!

I don't know about you but I LOVE trying new things.  I am someone who finds what they like and often sticks to it until someone comes along and raves about something I need to try.  Usually I try it and then I ask myself why I have been living in my own self created bubble.  Many of you might also be creatures of habit, like I am.  Well Influenster has changed that for me.

Influenster is a website/program designed to test/review products, reward trendsetters, and showcase new products.  This program is entirely free and requires only the amount of time and energy you are willing to put into it.  In the past I have received so many incredible products through the Influenster program that I have shared with you.  Remember these?
A LOADED Love favorite so far<3
If you're interested, curious, or awesome you should quickly sign up and start putting together your profile so you can be considered for the next VoxBox.  Let me know if you have any questions about Influenster because I will try my best to help you out!  EVERYONE needs to give this a shot, it's so worth it:)

Are you already a part of Influenster?  Which box/product trial has been your favorite so far?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buddha-Ful Layering

Many of my layering adventures begin with a chipped or worn manicure.  This instance was no different.  I was wearing a fall staple of mine, Revlon Plum Night. After a couple of days and without time to do a complete change, I opted to add a topper.  I ended up picking Barielle Buddha-ful and this was the result...
I love how this flecked peachy pink jelly polish turned a deep plummy purple into navy!  This was incredibly beautiful.  I love how different toppers can completely transform a polish!