Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barielle New York Style Collection

Raise your hand if you love fall! I know that autumn is my favorite season by far.  With the season comes cooler weather, darker polishes, sweaters, and curling up in a blanket w/ tea/coffee/hot cocoa:)  I'm really loving the fall nail polish collections this year!  

Barielle put out 2 great collections this year, New York Style and Runway Fever.  I really wish I would have had these earlier so the swatches could have been published for NYFW.  Today I'm going to share the first collection, New York Style, with you.

Honestly this collection did not scream "fall" to me.  It is a great concept and they all have adorable names.  I think this is actually the perfect kit for transitioning between summer and fall.  Take a peek: (no top coats in any photos)

Big Apple Red is what Barielle calls a "creamy deep red." I love a good red.  This red is so flattering and shiny.  This is ONE coat of this "crelly" (creamy almost jelly) polish.  It is a bright true red with some cool undertones.  Application was so creamy and although removal was a tad messy there was no staining:)

Central Park is described as a "creamy frosted green."  When I read this description I was confused creamy & frosted??? I get that they're trying to say subdued or dusty but it just sounds like a wonky description.  That aside, this dusty jade is very creamy and applied effortlessly in 2 (almost 1) coats. This green is so pretty. I adore its blue undertones, but I kind of think that Barielle should have switched the greens in this and their Some Like it Hot collection to fit the seasons better.

Soho at Night is a "creamy grape purple" that leans a bit more red than blue.  I love the dusty undertones as it helps this polish to not look black in the shade, unlike other deep purples. This was 2 coats, and I realized as I was looking at my swatch photos that this could have used 3.  I love purples for fall!

Fifth Avenue Boutique is called a "creamy coral with orange tone." This one confused me.  Coral in the fall? But then when it was on I decided that this red-leaning coral was deep enough to wear in the fall.  I love coral, and this is no exception.  It was 2 (almost 1) coat of bright pinky/red/coral goodness.

Now for the ONLY one with shimmer...

Greenwich Village at Dawn is referred to as "creamy dusty pink" and that is pretty accurate for what you see in indirect light and in the shade.  However when you put this in direct sunlight, the creamy, mauvey, lavender nude flashes with a fine green/teal shimmer.  I really just wish you got a more prominent shimmer with this one, but it is beautiful and I have nothing like it.  This was 2 (almost 1) coat of buttery goodness.

The Verdict:

While this is not the most autumnal collection ever, it still has a bunch of beautiful polishes.  EVERY polish was easy to apply and had a buttery formula. These are also not the most unique colors, but they're still very pigmented and long-lasting. I loved them all because of their pigmentation and formula so if you're looking for any of these shades, I highly recommend them!  My favorites of this collection are Central Park and Greenwich Village at Dawn, they're unique to me and beautiful against my skin tone.

This collection can be found at the Barielle website and retails for $25.00.  You can also purchase the polishes individually for $8.00.

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