Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time Warp Challenge--Day 2

Today's challenge is...
It's vintage, darling!
This time around, we are to draw inspiration from a popular look from the past.  I reflected on my childhood (late 80s & 90s) to try to think of "popular" fashions that I remember.  The problem with that is that I remember things I wore, pictures of what others wore, and things that I remember that I hated.  I actually gave this manicure 2 shots.  I first did this manicure but after the pictures I grimaced at how awful it was, so yesterday I redid it:)  My first popular fashion was going to be jellies, the plasticy, rubbery shoes I remember from childhood.  Like I said that manicure didn't make the cut, so my next inspiration came from fashion I loathed.  Here it is...
In case you have no idea what I'm channeling here, these are Zubaz.  They are zebra print pants that are made to reflect the colors of your favorite sports team.
I remember these as a kid because when I carpooled to ballet class as a tiny 7-year-old, one carpool dads wore these EVERY DAY!  He was a really nice guy, and a friend of the family, but these pants have always terrified me and practically haunted my dreams.  I know this isn't "vintage" but it does qualify as "old-school" and "throwback" so it's ok, right? These crazy pants are something that should never come back in style in my opinion, see...
Images from Squidoo, Sports Illustrated, and Who What Weddings
I must admit multicolored animal print is a fun way to spice up a manicure for game day, especially if your team has something to do with tigers, cheetahs, or jaguars.

Polishes used: Zoya Purity, Barielle Berry Blue, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Do you remember Zubaz?  What popular look would you have chosen?


  1. Jelly shoes!! I loved those things!!! This is cool too!

  2. Oh my I hated those pants too! Love your mani though :)

  3. That design definitely looks better as a mani than s pants! Love your design!

  4. HOLY CRAP, those are hideous pants! How did I miss those growing up?!
    Great job on the mani though, lol!