Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pink Girly Glitter

Hello, loves!  Many of you are aware of my glitter frustrations which include but are not limited to...

  • Makes me feel like a little kid (which can be good)
  • Pain in the butt to remove
  • Messy removal (aka. glitter EVERYWHERE)

Therefore, this girl usually doesn't include glitter in many of her manicures.  I do own quite a few glitters, despite not using them often.  I also have not gotten on the indie glitter bandwagon (which just seems a bit oxymoronic) because I do not wear it often even if I like to look at it in the bottle:)

However, I do wear glitter, on occasion and I welcome suggestions of classy ways to wear glitter.  I have "mastered" wearing glittery accent nails and decided to get adventurous and do an all over glitter manicure.  I used 2 Barielle beauties to complete this look.  The base color is two coats of Barielle Pink Quartz and is topped with two coats of Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler.
My nails looked like they were painted with molten pink metal from afar.  It was pretty cool.  I have gotten more adventurous with nail polish (I used to be a sheer pink & red wearer, boring to most of you, I know).  With the recent discovery of peel-able basecoats (aka. Elmer's School Glue) you might see me wearing more glitter & flakies:)

What is your FAVORITE way to wear glitter?


  1. Looks really good on you though. I agree glitter can be a bit messy to remove. Lol..

    I Love this color against your skin tone.

    1. Thank you dear:) My biggest issue with glitter is removal. I'm hoping that the glue base coat thing works out. It would be AMAZING if it did:)

  2. I have Cherry Blossom Sparkler and love it! You can actually wear it on its own!

    1. I love it on its own. That's actually my favorite way to wear this. I was just playing around and tried it over another pink. It turned out ok, but you're right it's better on its own:)