Friday, November 9, 2012

Playing with Polish--Subtle Fancy Accent Nail

I am aware that many of my "Playing with Polish" posts consist of me dressing up an old manicure. I know that I gravitate toward accent nail designs and glitter.  Someday I will be more adventurous and creative, but that day is not today;)

This lovely manicure was Barielle Soho at Night.  I got REALLY bored with this one, probably  because I wore this medium/dark purple twice in one month for who knows what reason.  I guess I got a little purple happy?  To dress it up I took my dark, nearly black, plum (Revlon Plum Night) and just painted a random loopy, scroll and dots design.
I had just put cuticle oil on & could not get it off my nails so they look smudged.  Also, please forgive the tip wear:)
I love this!  I love how subtle it is.  I adore the elegance.  I think I need to try this in other colors.  Maybe next time I should do this to all my nails!

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  1. Same as me! Accent nails and glitter! I like this look. I think it's different and kinda reminds me of a nice wallpaper.