Thursday, November 8, 2012

L'Oreal Beautigasm

THIS my loves was a long time coming...

The majority of blogs that I follow feature nail polish.  However most of the vloggers on youtube that I follow feature cosmetics, beauty  and fashion advice/tutorials.  Well, way back in August, Dianna of Beautigasm visited L'Oreal, made her own color and vlogged about it!  She also made 25 custom bottles of her amazing color to giveaway!  I was lucky enough to snag one of these limited edition polishes.
Dianna created her signature color, a bright, yet cool-toned, fuchsia packed with cool silvery blue shimmer.  She also decided to name it "Beautigasm" after her blog.

The application was amazing.  It was so effortless and smooth to apply.  This polish was VERY pigmented (and does not stain); the above picture shows 2 coats (it would have been one but I smudged it)!  I really like this color and while it really isn't very autumnal, I think I may wear it in the winter when I need a pick-me-up AND I'm dying to wear it in the summer!

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