Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beauty-FULL Christmas- Priti NYC

I know that these nail polish gift sets are trending right now, but they're just too beautiful to pass up!  Here is another one of my favorites (brand & gift sets)!
I love Priti NYC nail polish.  They're eco-friendly & they have an unbelievably buttery smooth formula.  Above is the Priti French Holiday kit.  These polishes look so yummy & then their descriptions make you NEED them.  See what I mean...
152 - April Snow WINTER 2011 COLLECTION (Muted gold with pearly finish)
354 - London Brocade WINTER 2011 COLLECTION (Metallic burgundy with multicolored glitter)

640 - Monkey Puzzle WINTER 2011 COLLECTION (Metallic turquoise green with glittery specks)
657 - Lilac Queen WINTER 2011 COLLECTION (Dark metallic purple with glittery finish)

Each "kit" runs $37.50 but it's well worth it when buying polish that you love:)

Here are my other favorite kits:
Priti Summer Night kit

 340 - Black Prince Orchid (Dark reddish fuchsia)
457 - Snapdragon (Dark sunset orange)
648 - Californian Bluebell (Bright glossy grayish blue) 
705 - 2-in-1 Top & Base Coat 

Priti In Style kit

338 - Queen of the Night Tulip (Glossy wine red)
606 - Oleaster (Dark opaque mousy grey) 
634 - Constant Nymph (Deep midnight blue w/pearly finish)
705 - 2-in-1 Top & Base Coat

These kits are beautifully themed & all of them are full of gorgeous polishes!  If you're looking for a new eco-friendly nail polish there is no need to look much further than this:)

What are your thoughts on nail polish gift sets?

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  1. I love nail polish gift sets! I have yet to try Priti but I am dying to.
    Thanks for sharing!