Thursday, June 14, 2012

essie Fear or Desire

It is no secret that oranges have made a HUGE comeback this year.  Also it is becoming quite evident that essie is becoming more adventurous.  While I do enjoy traditional nail polish shades, which essie has definitely flourished in, the increased variety in their colors is definitely appreciated.

Today I am going to share a lovely little bottle of essie nail polish from their latest summer 2012 collection, Bikini So Teeny.  I received this polish from a perk on klout and was randomly sent a polish.  I tore open the box on Tuesday and found this orange shade tucked inside.  

While it is a beautiful orange, I'm not sure I ever in a million years would have bought it for myself.  It's not that I don't like oranges, I'm just afraid of yellow leaning ones (vs. red leaning oranges).  In fact, I think that may be how I can relate to the name, you either fear this color or desire it:)  

Here is Fear or Desire:
This creamy yellow leaning orange is still not too yellow.  It's a bright sunny shade without approaching neon.

The Verdict:
I actually really like this color.  Surprisingly it compliments my skin tone nicely.  Ready for a shock?  The above picture is of ONE COAT of this lovely.  I could have done 2, but it was opaque in 1 medium coat.  The bumps you see on my nails are not from this polish, they were just some stubborn flakies that were stuck to my nails.  I didn't know I missed them until I painted my nails:-\  Hence the one coat (I removed it, then repainted).  Overall, I do enjoy this orange.  I'm surprised I like it as much as I do actually:)

essie nail polishes retail for about $8 per bottle and can be found at many pharmacies, drug stores, and beauty suppliers.

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