Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Manicure

This week's Monday Manicure theme is:
Creative Layering

This is one of the themes that is more open to interpretation.  All of the manicures I saw were different & gorgeous in their own right.  There were gradients, sponging, stamping, crackles, glitters, fun layering polishes, and some layering of more sheer and jelly polishes. Everyone did a phenomenal job.

Looking at the submissions always stuns me and has me in complete awe of the others in the Polish-aholics Anonymous fb group.  And as usual I was stumped on what to submit.  I sat there staring at my polishes for a while creating layering combos in my head.  I finally decided to give the "syrup" manicure a try.  This is not exactly CREATIVE layering, but it sure is layering:)

***Sorry I'm so boring guys:-\ I'll eventually get bolder with my color choices & manicures. I just don't like the look of having nail art & bright colors on all of my fingernails yet. It just isn't me & overwhelms my small fingers and nails. I have VERY small fingers, like I can't wear gorgeous statement rings because even the adjustable ones are usually too big.

FUN FACT: my wedding band & engagement ring are a whopping size 3.75 and they slip on and off quite easily***

Let me know if you've ever tried a creative layering manicure.  Feel free to leave the link so I can check it out.  I love looking at manicures & getting new ideas:)