Friday, August 26, 2011

Playing with Polish

My husband has crazy work hours at times. Like yesterday, his birthday, he left home at 6:30am and got back at 11:30pm. The result was birthday cake for breakfast:)

It's times like these where I find myself experimenting with my polishes. Yesterday, while staring down Dr.'s Remedy Tranquil Tangerine and mustering up enough courage to swatch it, I became inspired. I'm not someone who owns much orange, personally I do not find it flattering on me. And when I see orange I think Halloween or pumpkins & changing leaves.
I know, you're probably annoyed with seeing mountains of candy for trick-or-treating before Labor Day. Haunted houses will be popping up and costumes will occupy commercials & storefronts.

BUT in my defense, I was bored. REALLY bored. Here is the result of playing with polish:
I'm not sure I would ever wear this for more than an accent on a finger or two, but it's fun.  The spider was the hardest part, by far.  I think I might have to try putting a web on an entire finger next, but maybe I'll wait a little longer for that.

What seasonal manicures are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks/months?