Monday, September 19, 2011

Cult Nails Top & Base Coat

Last month, (I know I'm bad-I'm sorry I'm so behind!) I won 4 Cult Nails polishes of my choice, THE Cult Nails nail file, and the soon-to-be-released Wicked Fast & Get It On (Top & Base Coat).  Maria packed them in this adorable cupcake box!  
Since receiving this glorious package, I've fallen madly in love with both Wicked Fast and Get It On.  The base coat, Get It On, somehow makes it so I have to do fewer coats of polish for some of my favorite polishes.  It prevents cuticle drag of even the fussiest formulas and makes the polish stick.  Wicked Fast, the Cult Nails top coat, dries quickly without bubbles and leaves your manicure with a glossy shine.  These are seriously the "dream team" of top and base coats. 
Here is an experiment I did to prove to you the unparalleled quality of these polishes.  After prepping my nails as usual, I put one coat of Get It On on my middle finger (far) and one coat of another widely used base coat on my ring finger (close).  After they had completely dried, I put one (not too thin/thick) coat of a polish that usually requires 2 coats because of its streaky nature.  The difference between the Cult Nails polish and the *other brand* is unreal. 
If you are looking for an amazing base & top coat you MUST go over to and buy this incredible duo.  Or  go to Cult Nails on facebook where you'll find out the latest Cult Nails news.  Maria is going to release these beauties any day now, so feel free to stalk her lovely shop & check out her infamous polishes!

**Update: you can buy both the top & base coat for $15 or you can by them separately for $8 each**


  1. I tried them tonight too and LOVE it!!!!

  2. just bought these. can't wait til they get here!

  3. How is it for enhancing the longevity of your manicure? Great review

  4. This base & top coat combo made my manicure last a week without chips, shrinkage, or peeling. There was also very minimal tip-wear after a week.(The reason it was only a week was because I wanted to change my polish, but it probably lasts longer)

    Thank you for reading! You guys are great:)

  5. I think I might have to order! Awesome experiment!