Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Manicure

Polish-aholics Anonymous (a facebook group) hosts a Monday Manicure Challenge every Monday.  This week the theme with the most votes was CANDY.  Yummy!

When thinking what to do for this manicure, I was stumped.  I wanted it to be fun but wearable.  I racked my brain and eventually decided on trying a rock candy accent finger.  I prepped my nails as usual then chose Revlon Plum Night as my background color.  I let it dry and then covered my ring finger with nail glue and stuck on sea salt.  Ideally this would have been done in a pastel or a candy color, but I was feeling the dark purple instead.
Have you every stuck something unconventional to your nails?  What was the BEST or CRAZIEST thing you have ever stuck to your nails?

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