Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails #3

Welcome to Valentine's Day inspired manicure week!

I will showcase my favorite valentine's day polishes, nail art, etc.

Valentine's Day Nails #3

Valentine's Day manicure #3's inspiration is...
Today we have a beautiful alternative to pinks & reds...PURPLE!  I know that purple is still kind of Valentine's Day-esque, but if you're someone who stays away from red & pinks this can easily bring the theme without those themes.  Now, I know that right now you're thinking, "Seriously, Kate a purple cream polish for Valentine's Day?!?!"  Well, I say YES, because although your manicure is important, you don't want it to distract from everything else you've done to prepare for your day.  And if need be, you can always glam it up with sparkles, flakies, etc.

PritiNYC Geisha Girl is a beautiful medium purple cream polish.  The above picture was taken BEFORE the topcoat, but was the best representation of her color.  Geisha Girl does shift to a deeper sultry purple indoors and in the shade, but will never be mistaken for black.  It is clearly a medium purple:)

You can purchase PritiNYC Nail polish from their website for $12.50 each.

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  1. This is cute! I'll have to look into what its Diamond Cosmetics equivalent is.