Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails #2

Welcome to Valentine's Day inspired manicure week!

I will showcase my favorite valentine's day polishes, nail art, etc.

Valentine's Day Nails #2

Valentine's Day manicure #2's inspiration is...
Today we have a trendsetting v-gap manicure!  Yes, this is the 3rd one I have posted on my blog. My first attempt was a fail, my second was admirable, but I feel as though I have finally figured this beauty out!  The half-moon manicure was on-trend last year and this year is has turned more triangular.  The v-gap leaves a stripe down the center of your nails which is apparently more slimming.  

I picked this vintage-inspired manicure for my Valentine's Day themed week because of the obvious association V-Gap and V-Day;)  But also because there is something sexy about that exposed stripe down the middle...not sure if it reminds me of an open-backed dress or a deep v cut gown.  What do you think?

I created this beautiful manicure using Zoya Jules and Zoya Vanessa.  As if I wasn't already in love with these beauties enough!  This was 2 coats of golden hued Jules and Vanessa was one coat of rich berry goodness.  

You can purchase Zoya Nail polish from their website for $8 each.

Let me know if you'd like me to do a tutorial on this one, I think I may have taken those pictures anyway:)


  1. It looks great! I could really use a tutorial :)

  2. I will never get tired of red and gold together, this is one sexy look!

  3. I really like this! Looks great!

    I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award.

  4. Looks great...thanx for sharing!!

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