Thursday, March 29, 2012

V-gap Tutorial

Many of you have seen the progression of my success in emulating the v-gap manicure.  My first try was done with one polish and painstakingly cut scotch tape strips.  My second attempt was again with one polish color, but it was free-handed.  My latest attempt was accomplished with 2 polish colors (which helps with the contrast & makes it look cleaner) and a nail art brush.  In the end, do whatever works best for you.  Here are the instructions and photo-tutorial from my latest attempt.

V-Gap Manicure Tutorial 

This is what you will need:
-base/background color
-another color of polish to create your design
-small old makeup brush or paintbrush (mine was from this brush kit with for $1.99)
-remover pen for cleanup

Step 1: Prep your nails, use your basecoat, etc. Let dry completely.
Step 2: Paint your nails in your base color.  I used Zoya Jules ($8 from  Make sure you achieve the desired opacity in as few coats as possible.  I used 2 coats. Let dry completely.
Step 3: Get your fine brush.  Unscrew the lid of your layering polish (I used Zoya Vanessa) and scrape the polish off the brush onto your brush. Pick which finger you are doing first and draw 2 parallel lines down the middle of your nail.  Make sure the lines are close together and make sure lines do not go the entire length of the nail.  The lines should only take up about 3/4 the length of the nail.
Step 4: At the ends of the lines you just created, continue the line to the "corners" of your nail.  You are finished with the nail art brush and you can clean it (or "line" the rest of your nails before proceeding to Step 5).
Step 5: With the same color you "lined" your nail with, and the brush from the bottle of polish, paint down each side of the nail carefully in one steady stroke.  If your polish is not a one-coater then you should wait a couple of minutes before applying another coat to each side of the nail.

Step 6:  After it completely dries. Finish with your favorite topcoat.  This not only helps your manicure to  last longer but it also tends to even out the texture.

The result:
There is absolutely no right or wrong way to do create this design, do whatever you're most comfprtable with & what works for you. I would LOVE to see what you come up with!  If you end up doing this link, facebook, or email me your picture! I cannot wait to see where you take this:)


  1. Thanks for this, I need to try and do one. This is such a killer look!

    I wanted to let you know I linked to your tutorial in my post this morning, I was calling my tape mani a v-gap and I was sooo wrong! lol