Monday, March 26, 2012

Zoya Jane

Confession: I love classic neutrals.

Sometimes I find myself resorting back to my old polish habits.  I've always had an affinity for nail polish, but like many of you know I haven't always embraced my girliness.  I am quite girly.  So much so that traditionally I reach for pinks, reds, and French shades.  While in college, if I somehow miraculously had time to do my nails, I gave myself a french manicure or just used a few coats of my favorite French manicure shade.

Last year I purchased what would become my first of many Zoya nail polishes.  My first Zoya was Jane.
Zoya describes Jane as "Very light warm, milky peach-pink with subtle orangey undertones in a sheer creme base."  As you can see from the bottle, she is a very loved polish:)

The Verdict:
She is beautiful.  I have never worn Jane as a French manicure shade, I normally just paint 2-3 coats of her sheer creaminess onto my nails for a classic, timeless look.   Perfect for work, every day wear, and especially special occasions such as weddings.  Everyone should have a favorite sheer French shade, and I think that Jane is a must-have.  

You can purchase Zoya Nail polish from their website for $8 each.

The following are some examples of nail art showcasing Jane with an opaque white polish: lace and chevron.

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