Monday, March 19, 2012

Zoya FEEL Collection

When I first saw the Zoya Feel Collection I was ecstatic.  This collection is packed with colors that I love.  All winter I was obsessed with pastels and this collection was a dream come true!  Zoya always does a phenomenal job describing their polishes, and this collection is no exception.  These are *almost* 1 coat cream polishes, a second coat is needed only to even it out & ensure complete coverage.  Without further adieu, the Zoya (I) Feel (Pretty) Collection... (darn, now I'm humming songs from West Side Story...)

Avery "can be best described as a full coverage, blond-beige cream." 

Kennedy "can be best described as a full coverage, pale, french beige cream"

Kendal "can be best described as a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade"

Megan "can be best described as a full coverage, taupe gray cream"

Carey "can be best described as a periwinkle gray"

 Kristen "can be best described as a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue"

The Verdict: 
Neutral toned pastels, having a grey or nude base, are a must-have for your collection.  They're SO versatile and can be worn during any season.  These are 2 coat conservative classics that add elegance to any look.  My instant favorites from the collection were Kennedy, Kendal, and Megan.  Kristen surprised me as it is the only non-navy blue that I own, and was my go-to shade this winter.  Carey was beautiful, though not one of my favorites.  Avery is a polish that I want to love.  She's just not suited for my wintry complexion.  I'm hoping that she will be more suited for my skin tone in the summer.

You can purchase the Zoya Feel Collection for $48 dollars from their website.  All Zoya nail polishes can be individually purchased from their website for $8 each.

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