Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seeking Neutrality--10 Professional Moonlight

Sticking to the neutral trend because of the "October curse" (see previous post), I bring you one of my oldest polishes (which is only a couple years old).  Professional 10 Moonlight was picked up from a CVS 2 years ago when I was tired of my red, pink, and coral polishes.  I went out on a limb (or what sure felt like one then) and tried a "greige" polish.  I fell madly in love.
This polish is so creamy and beautiful.  It has a touch or purple and the above picture shows one coat.  I usually use two or three depending on the day.  I feel as though this polish is a chameleon and it seems to take on other colors in different lighting.  Looking at this picture (yikes!) makes me want to reswatch this for you in various lighting to see how it can be pale lavender, nude, grey, or putty colored in varied lighting.  Maybe I'll wear this one next...

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