Monday, October 1, 2012

Time Warp Challenge--Day 7

Today's challenge is... 
You're timeless to me!

Styles that have been popular both "then" and now were supposed to inspire this manicure.  Since certain clothing articles/styles have become part of the style cycle (aka. if you keep something long enough it *might* become stylish once again) and regained popularity, I thought this day would be a cinch!  Well, I had extreme difficulty translating what was in my head or on paper to my nails.  So I took the theme literally and used something that is timeless in more way than one...
Image from Fashion in Motion
What is more timeless than a Rolex anyway???  My husband was traveling when I was taking this picture so I didn't have an actual Rolex to use, but a bunch of other watches works, right?

Polishes used: Barielle Granite Glitter, SinfulColors Black on Black

What timeless style/article would you have chosen?


  1. What a great interpretation of this theme!! This turned out so cool, kinda steampunk-y!

    1. Hahaha. It really kind of does look steampunk-ish. Thank you for your compliment:)

  2. Wow, how clever!!! Great nail design :)

  3. This is so super cool!!! I love, love, love it and it really is very steampunkish.

  4. This was a very cool idea, I love a good pun. I really love the colors, and the diamond on the ring finger.

  5. Difficult source of inspiration, but very well executed! Love it :)