Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing with Polish--Art Deco Jewelry #2

Here is your next installment of "art deco nail fails." This was inspired not only by beautiful jewelry, but also the color of the year (emerald).  Here is what inspired this manicure:
Source: http://www.langantiques.com/products/item/40-1-855 
And here is the resulting manicure...
Hahaha:)  This one is almost comical!  I think the bracelet is gorgeous, my manicure does not even come close!  I hope to continue playing with polish and trying out new designs from new sources of inspiration.  Not every manicure is perfect, wearable, or beautiful and that is why I have my "Playing with Polish" posts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my next edition of Playing with Polish?  I cannot promise that they will turn out well, but I can promise that fun will be had:)

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