Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ultimate Nail Polish Test & Freckles

I'm back from the beach.  It was wonderful.  I still have to take the pictures off of my camera.  I hope to share them when I finally do that.

I did the ultimate nail polish test: SAND, SALTWATER, and SUN.  I wore Zoya Maya on my toes and Zoya Jane on my fingers (swatches coming soon) they lasted the entire time with only minor scratches & chipping.

On another note, I wore so much sunscreen I felt like a pale greasy blob the whole time.  At the same time I knew I was saving myself from future foes such as skin cancer & wrinkles.  Since I don't get tan I have to ritually apply sunscreen every hour to defend my milky fair complexion against UVA & UVB rays.  I don't tan, but I get freckles.  Lots and lots of beautiful freckles.  This is a saying that my mother loves and always told me growing up:
Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Now my tan husband lovingly repeats this phrase to me:)  Embrace your differences & quirks!
Enjoy your weekend!

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