Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zoya's Latest Promotion

FREE shipping AND FREE Summertime/Sunshine collection when you order the Zoya Color Lock System ($48)!
 Check it out:

Zoya is my favorite.  I could spend HOURS on their website every day.  They have the BEST website.  Their colors are gorgeous. The formula in their polish is toxin free and safe for mothers, expectant mothers, and those who are nursing.  (<--None of which are me yet)

Zoya polishes *seem* expensive in comparison to your average drugstore brand but it's an AMAZING deal ($8 per polish, and $6-ish shipping) for such a stellar product.  Zoya is also always running different promotions to make their product more accessible & cheaper.  They're awesome.  You should totally give them a try.

*I am new to Zoya Nail Polishes but I am in love with the 3 that I own as of now:)

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