Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zoya Hauling

A couple weeks ago Zoya's facebook page was buzzing with people finding their polishes on clearance at Ulta.  The day after I heard this amazing news, I visited my local Ulta.  Unfortunately, my Ulta is a tad slow.  I think that its location means that It may get shipments & such in later so their clearances of some products is delayed.  ANYWAY, to make this long story short, I went in last week and much to my surprise I found the La-Di-Da Collection polishes on clearance for $3.99!  I picked up America, Dita, & Ali.  (Nothing looks quite like the actual color because of the grey rainy day we're having)
I also went polish crazy at the end of the week & purchased a few more lovelies.  I did pay near full price on these babies but I was able to purchase them from amazon.com from my favorite storefront Beauty of a Site.  They give you a coupon for your next purchase, use eco-friendly packaging, AND they don't charge you out the wazoo for shipping.  I chose Elise, Edyta, Gemma, & Adina.

Many of my purchases on amazon.com are done with gift cards that I receive through Swagbucks.  Swagbucks defines itself as the following on their website:

Swagbucks.com is the web's premier rewards site. Powered by Prodege LLC, Swagbucks.com allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day - search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. Swagbucks.com is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime. 

Swagbucks allows you to earn "swagbucks" which you can redeem for prizes.  I prefer amazon.com giftcards and I have earned hundreds of dollars in amazon gift cards through Swagbucks.  I highly recommend it, even if you don't get stuff for free from amazon, it can end up making your purchase cheaper or more justifiable, like my recent haul.

Sorry for the lengthy post, just figured I'd share:)

Hint: I *may* be accruing polishes for an upcoming giveaway!

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