Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Barielle Carnival Fiesta Collection

Barielle has a winter collection called Carnival Fiesta.  It has a very Mardi Gras theme to me and the colors are all inspired by carnival colors.  This five piece collection has some polishes with names that go with the name of the collection and others that include a names.
Barielle describes these all as metallics, but I'll let you decide what they are for yourselves!

Rio's Rockin Bands is described by Barielle as a "metallic magenta." This beautiful frosted metallic is definitely a magenta-leaning, medium-toned purple.  I really loved this color.  The brushstrokes are somewhat visible, but only in bright light.  I loved this against my skintone!

 Holiday Madness is a "matallic olive green."  This metallic olive has a grey-ish blue cast which causes it to be a duochrome in some lighting (shifting from olive to a blue-grey).  Some have compared this to other metallic olives that have recently come out.  This one is beautiful, but I'm not sure how I feel with it on me yet.

 Jillian's Jammin is called a "metallic deep turquoise."  This polish has the most texture of the entire collection. It is a blue-leaning turquoise glass-fleck metallic.  This beauty also has a slight duochrome finish that shifts to a magenta-leaning purple.  It kind of gives a nod to Rio's Rockin Bands with this duochrome shift.  The shift is only visible in certain lighting (indirect to shade), as seen above.

 Lindsay's Dancin is referred to as a "metallic red."  While this is true, it is important to note that this is not a true red but more of a really dark hot pink or a really bright cherry red, it definitely has a pink-ish quality to it.  This polish had the smoothest application, and brushstrokes were nearly invisible because it leveled out nicely.

 Wanna Samba? is defined as a "metallic purple grey" on Barielle's website.  While this is pretty accurate, it fails to communicate that this metallic grey is a purple and gold shifting duochrome.  These properties are the strongest in indirect light and the shade.  A very pretty polish, with an unexpected twist.  This was the most difficult to apply and left me with crazy looking brush strokes.

The Verdict:
I really enjoyed the concept behind this collection.  I thought that there was a good variety in the colors, however the collection did not have too much of a variety of finishes.  Additionally, these polishes had my least favorite names of all of the previous collections but I liked them regardless of their names.  My favorites were definitely Lindsay's Dancin, Rio's ROckin Bands, and Jillian's Jammin.  If Wanna Samba? was less streaky/easier to apply I would have loved it more.  Also I'm still deciding how I feel about Holiday Madness... I cannot wait to use these polishes for a Mardi Gras manicure!

This collection can be found at the Barielle website and retails for $25.00.  You can also purchase the polishes individually for $8.00.

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  1. The blue is gorgeous but the rest I could definitely live without. Not really my cup of tea

    1. I agree that the blue one, Jillian's Jammin, is the most original out of the bunch. And many other brands have released polishes similar to the others in this collections and I am sure that many have "twins" or "dupes."

  2. Jillians Jammin is the only one I think is really interesting.

    1. Jillians Jammin is definitely the most unique of the collection.