Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zoya Suvi

Many have already heard and responded to Pantone declaring...

Emerald Green for Twenty Thirteen!

While I adore emeralds and emerald greens, I am seriously lacking any emerald in my closet, clothing and accessories alike.  I'm not about to go all crazy with the green, I am probably going to choose to accessorize with emerald tips and toes.

I have very few "emerald" shades and I rarely wear green on my nails.  But the greens that I do have I adore.    One such green is Zoya Suvi.

Zoya Suvi can best be described as "A dense emerald green shimmer set in a sheer smoky base. This rich gem toned shade will inspire envy in everyone who sees it."

The Verdict:

I love the smoky base of this polish.  This polish is so glamorous yet fun. It's one of those polishes that you catch yourself staring at when it's on your nails.  Also I think that this is one of those Zoya nail polishes that are very understated and not given the love that it deserves.

***Update: Zoya will be having a promotion starting 1/7/13 for 3 "free" nail polishes***
Zoya nail polish is available for purchase through their website and retail for $8.00 each.  Sign up for a Zoya account today and receive points that can be redeemed for promotions and discounts.


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    1. Thank you! I could not agree more, she's definitely a favorite!