Thursday, January 3, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Chandelle

Sometimes you fall in love when you least expect it.  Sometimes you think you will fall and love and there is no spark. Well my lovlies, this is a story of falling in love with a polish and falling hard.

Today I have the beautiful Darling Diva Polish (DDP) Chandelle for you.  Take a peek at the glittery goodness...
DDP describe this grown-up glitter polish as "crystal glitters in a rose/taupe base with pink, green, gold holographic, and copper glitter."  It is probably the PERFECT glitter for me.  You are all aware of my love for nude, taupe, and beige shades and this one is no exception.
The Verdict:
I adore this polish.  I love the pale pink and coppery glitters best.  I really like the shimmer throughout as well.  The golden yellow hex glitter is also quite lovely in this combination, however it took some time for it to grow on me.  I wasn't sure I would be a fan of such a citrus yellow glitter with the others.  That being said, my polish has absolutely, positively NO GREEN glitter in it!  Booooooo!  I'm assuming that they big yellow hexes were green at one point and have lost their color (despite living in the darkness).  In all reality, I do not miss the green.  I love the polish, it has smooth application and the above pictures show two coats.  I cannot wait to try this over a taupe or nude polish.

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased on etsy for $8.  The glitters are so lovely and there is such a great variety that you should be able to find at least one that is "you."

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