Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing With Polish--Beach Towel Inspired

I know what you're thinking, a weekend post?!?!?! Yes my friends, a weekend post:)

Before heading out in my Caribbean adventure, I had a blast getting outfit ideas, browsing Pinterest, scavenging blogs, and shopping for my trip. I unearthed my summer attire and swimwear, got out my floppy hat and broke my sunglasses. All the while I was inspired by airy fabrics, bright colors, and days full of sun.

I channeled this inspiration by playing with polish. I guess you could say this is beach towel/bag/swimwear inspired. It's really just a bunch of patterns as fun skittles on the nails.
I used a base of Essie Mint Candy Apple and painted designs using Barielle Surf's Up. The glitter accent nail is a layer of Barielle Star Dust over Essie Mint Candy Apple. My favorite is definitely the glittery nail. I'll have to try this on its own. Without my playing with polish I would never have thought to combine these two.

Hope your day is fabulous!

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