Friday, January 25, 2013

Zoya Carly

Today I have another favorite polish of mine that I have sadly neglected in posts.  Zoya Carly was part of the Summer 2012 Surf Collection.  However, it was not until late summer that my love with Carly began.  Carly is one of those polishes that is PERFECT for the transition from summer to autumn.  She's actually so stunning that I will probably wear her year-round.
Zoya describes Carly as a "very rich, bold, red-toned dark purple with iridescent red and silver metallic shimmer and a dense foil finish."

The Verdict:
I love this and I think it is a polish that everyone should own, especially if you love purple polishes!  Carly is also one of those universally flattering polishes.  The application was buttery smooth and removal was a cinch!

Zoya nail polish is available for purchase through their website and retail for $8.00 each.  Sign up for a Zoya account today and receive points that can be redeemed for promotions and discounts.


  1. I love this polish! Great to paint with and the color is amazing.

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