Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Q-tips® Precision Tips

Have you heard of Q-tips® Precision Tips? They're basically normal cotton swabs with pointed ends. AND they are a very versatile tool.
The ways I have used Q-tips® Precision Tips:

  • nail polish clean up
  • lip color clean up
  • eye liner mishaps
  • mascara clean up (sometimes it gets everywhere, I don't know how...)
  • eye shadow application (in a pinch aka. when traveling)
  • cleaning small, hard to get areas (read: vacuum cleaner filter, around the faucet, my iphone...)

See how I used them in my instagram post!

The Verdict:
They are versatile. They come in great travel-friendly packaging. I have one pack that is living in my purse and I think it is quickly becoming an essential. They are affordable, disposable, and easy to find in stores. I highly recommend them:)

What other ways could I use them?

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