Friday, July 26, 2013

Tuff Scent Earth Collection

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a collection that I have had for 2 whole years but have neglected to share with you. I have always been too unhappy with my photos of this collection to share them with you. I hope I can do these polishes justice in this post.

This is the Tuff Scent Earth Collection. Tuff Scent is a brand that prides itself on its luxurious scents, celebrity following, and philanthropic efforts. The Earth Collection features four earthy toned polishes ranging from a blackened color to a soft ivory. The packaging includes elegant, slim bottles with pewter-looking rosette caps. Here are the swatches of Guardian Angel, Kiss, Inner Strength, and Hope.
*All swatches are without base or top coats*

"Guide my spirit to greater strength, love, and peace in my quest for happiness."
Guardian Angel is a creamy ivory with subtle peach undertones. It was quite watery and thin so it took 3 coats to reach opacity. Tuff Scent describes the perfume floral scent of this polish as China Lily.

"Symbol of love and kindness."
Kiss is a warm beige-brown that reminds me of coffee with cream. It has a silver shimmer throughout. Although this polish was a little thicker than Guardian Angel, it was still quite thin and took 3 coats to reach opacity. This autumnal color is cinnamon scented. It looks and smells like cinnamon buns!

"Find it, use it, nurture it."
Inner Strength is a creamy, milk chocolate, taupe. It too was thin and took 3 coats to get rid of streaks. This polish was probably the most difficult to apply and still had some thin spots after 3 coats. Inner Strength is almond scented. It reminds me of almond cookies that my grandparents used to serve us.

"Timeless recognition of the soul's guiding principle."
Hope is a dark blackened brown with a blazing prismatic shimmer and scattered prismatic flecks. This polish was the easiest to apply and took 2 coats of the thin polish to reach opacity. Hope has been scented with China Rain which is clean, fresh, and floral.

The Verdict:
I love the luxurious scents, they are much more grown up than the scents of other scented nail polishes. I also love the amount of thought that goes into matching the color, scent, name, and quote for each polish. They are special and would make a lovely gift. I like that they donate part of each purchase to cancer research.

This all being said, there is some room for improvement. The beautiful packaging includes a long, skinny brush that can make for a rather difficult application. Some of the formulas were tricky and drying time was rather long.

My favorites of this collection were Guardian Angel and Hope (although I prefer the scents of the other two polishes). I love wearing them and receive compliments on them frequently.

Tuff Scent nail polishes retail for $10.00 each and can be purchased online.  To learn more visit their website or follow them on social media (although they have not been very present lately).


  1. I love Hope! And too bad Inner Strength was problematic formula wise, because your swatches are so glossy and beautiful :)

    1. Thank you dear! Although it's a pain, Inner Strength is still my favorite neutral brown creme polish. I am glad that you enjoyed the swatches:)