Friday, September 26, 2014

Playing with Polish--Contemporary Color Block Edition

Yesterday Zoya announced a new feature on their website, a trend guide. I was very excited since it also boasts of tutorials for each trend. The trends are inspired by none other than the runways of New York Fashion Week. While perusing this new feature I was intrigued by the "Contemporary Color Block" manicure mentioned. I began conjuring up other fabulous trios to try. Below you will see three other ideas (along with the original color suggestion). I came up with a red, mint/sage, and ivory/neutral version. I haven't decided which one to wear for a full manicure yet. I might just have to try something new! I could have created so many other pairings, I might have to have a sequel to this post sometime!
Polishes used: (base, moon, stripe)
Index: Neely, Bevin, Vespa
Middle: (original) Genevieve, Ryan, Dahlia
Ring: Jacqueline, Jules, Bar (Godiva or Tomoko would also look gorgeous with this. I had trouble deciding)
Pinkie: Livingston, Pepper, Oswin

I do realize that I forgot to make the "moon" portion curved, maybe next time:)
What other combinations would you like to see? What do you think of this trend?

Check out Zoya's new Trend Guide for Fall 2014!
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