Monday, September 22, 2014

Zoya Ultra PixieDust

Zoya has brought us a variety of textured polishes under the guise of PixieDust. First was the original sparkly texture, then came the Magical PixieDusts with hexagonal hologram glitters. Now we have Ultra PixieDusts which have Mega Hex particles thrown into the original PixieDust formula. The Ultra PixieDusts which are "a gradient of red, wine and plum hues" will have you filling your glass of red wine and watching sappy romantic comedies.

Oswin is a "true red textured PixieDust with crimson Mega Hex particles." Of the bunch, this polish has the most matte finish. This dark, ruby red polish reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. I can see this being a gorgeous pedicure, especially if you want to channel your inner Dorothy or have dreams of visiting Kansas. 

Arianna, a "blue-toned red wine textured PixieDust with Mega Hex particles," has a brighter base than Oswin. She is a more raspberry red, and like Oswin has tone-on-tone matching glitters that float within its base.

Noir is described as a "deep, vampy plum textured PixieDust with red Mega Hex particles." This dark plum is the only one of the collection without tone-on-tone glitter. Her glitter takes on more of a raspberry hue (although I would not be surprised if all three really contain the same glitter).

With topcoat (1 coat, same order as above)...

The Verdict:
For the optimal effect you MUST follow Zoya's directions on PixieDust application as seen here: These applied with ease in 3 thin coats. They do take longer to apply as they need to dry completely between coats. I loved them with a topcoat as well. If you're into the textured trend, I highly recommend these glamorous, romantic red hues. They are the best red textures I have seen. The nail art/design opportunities with these gradient hues are endless!


$10 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas. 

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