Monday, September 15, 2014

Zoya Ignite

The weather is getting cooler and soon we will be enjoying everything that the cooler weather brings. Enjoying cozier clothing (like sweaters, boots, and scarves), colors, and foods while admiring the changing foliage. It's my favorite season and many times fall collections are my favorites.
Zoya's autumnal collections Ignite and Entice do a beautiful job channeling the upcoming season. More often than not, Zoya also includes a couple of shades that are that perfect transition between seasons. Today's beauties are the shimmering, liquid metal metallics of the Ignite collection.

Autumn a "varnished copper" was the only one of the collection that seemed a little frosted. While this burnt orange with copper and pink flecks is stunning in all lights, it does appear a touch streaky/brush strokey in some. This seasonal shade took two smooth coats for full coverage.

India is "a deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer." This burgundy, wine shade glows from within when its copper (and pink?) flecks catch the light. Shown is two smooth coats.

Teigen, described as "a pink toned cranberry with a copper liquid metal," also took two smooth, flawless coats. You can see, however, that this could have used three coats. The copper flecks in this plummy fuchsia appear to take on pink hues in the light.

Sansa is "a deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle." I thought that this blackened, royal purple looked truly elegant with its gold flecks. Again two, smooth coats for full coverage.

Remy a "brilliant indigo with copper and gold" had NO STAINING! I was shocked that two, buttery coats of this dark teal indigo did not stain my nails. I know that some found it to be staining, however I had absolutely none. Also the copper and gold flecks appear to give this polish a mermaid turquoise glow from within.

Yuna is "a warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal." This reminds me of slate however the juxtaposition of the warm golden and copper flecks make this polish something unique and special.

The Verdict:
One thing Zoya is always good at is glass-fleck polishes. These lit-from-within polishes always apply buttery smooth and tend to be more unique. This collection follows suit and has some true stunners in it. I loved the application and formula of these, most were completely opaque and streak-free in two easy coats. They seemed to dry rather quickly as well. My favorites of this collection are India, Sansa, and Yuna.
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