Thursday, July 14, 2011

Handpainted Lace Manicure

First, I must admit that since I'm rather new to this entire nail polish world I am not very good at nail art.  Sure I took a couple of art classes in high school (10 years ago) and I would like to say that I wasn't too bad at it.  But for some reason when it comes to painting fingernails and toenails everything ends up looking like it was done while riding a donkey down the Grand Canyon!

Second, I do not own any spiffy nail art tools.  No stamping plates, dotting tools, brushes, decals, strips, or filmo slices here!  I would definitely jump at any opportunity to try ANY and ALL of the above listed tools, but nails on a budget (yay med. school) sometimes don't allow for such things:)

I am basically left with my meager polish collection and a cheap ($1.99ish) NYC makeup brush kit that I bought to destroy with polish.  Up until today, my nail art attempts have been too embarrassing to post (although I have chosen not to spare you of my sad attempts at cool manicures).

Without further ado, my classy, hand-painted lace beauty:
I am VERY pleased with the result of this.  It may not be perfect, but it's progress!

What kind of nail are have you had success with (sans tools)?  What other kinds of nail art would you like to see me attempt?

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  1. This is soo cute! I love the look of lace so this is so up my alley.