Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What?!? Me?!? A FINALIST?!? (please vote)

I am in shock. Like complete disbelief.  My first presentable shot at nail art and I'm a finalist?!?!  I am a finalist in BeautyStat's Nail Competition!  I would be forever grateful if you would vote for me.  I am the last one listed.  Please just take a minute and vote.

Here are the website's instructions on how to vote: Simply post a comment below telling us WHO you voted for.  And don’t forget to post this contest on your Facebook and Twitter page so that your friends can vote too.

So just scroll down to the bottom and say what you liked about my hand-painted lace manicure:)  Then please let everyone you know to vote!  Thank you:)


Ps. There may or may not be a giveaway if I win;)


  1. Hi,Kate, I noticed you following me on twitter,checked out your blog,and I did vote for your entry over at the contest page.

    I think your manicure is very nice.It's neutral but fancy at the same time,and I hope you win!