Monday, July 25, 2011

Manicure Monday

First, I would like to thank you for getting the word out there to vote for me in BeautyStat's Competition.  I am so grateful for those of you who have blogged, tweeted, and facebooked about it:)  Now, on with the Monday Mani;)

I will be featuring the other Confetti polish from my cousin today.  This one was actually swatched a while ago, but got lost on my camera somehow.  This polish is sheer and shimmery with flecks of fine glitter in it.  Here is a picture of its opacity (or lack of) in 1, 2, and 3 coats.

My index finger had one coat, middle finger received two, while my ring and pinkie fingers were lacquered with three coats. Now here she is in her 3 coat glory.
I apologize for the bubbles, I did this too quickly while sitting in front of a fan *gasp.*  Shame on me!

Application: easy, smooth the polish is rather thick but not pasty. It was also fast drying.
Opacity: sheer coverage in three coats
Color: a glittery frosted light pink with gold, pink, and green flecksSheer, great for layering.
Finish: glossy finish
Durability/Wear: long lasting (i wore it for a full week!)

Truth be told, Dreamdate grew on me as I wore her.  At first I felt like a little girl wearing Barbie shimmer polish.  But eventually I realized that she seemed like a soft shimmery neutral.  I probably will wear this one more often than originally expected. I would love to see this polish over a dark color, which I will probably dig out in the fall:)

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