Monday, July 11, 2011

Manicure Monday

This week's Manicure Monday is actually a polish that is not in my personal collection, it's my mom's polish:)  Thank you for lending her to me, Mom! 

Application: easy, smooth the polish is rather thin, but not watery. Slightly streaky but it wasn't the formula is was the frosted metallic finish that caused that.   It was also fast drying.
Opacity: full coverage in two coats
Color: a frosty metallic greyish silver.  There are definitely hints of purple, taupe and pewter too.  Would recommend using a basecoat (just in case)
Finish: glossy finish
Durability/Wear: long lasting

 I apologize for the poor paint job.  I did it rather quickly and then cleaned her up after taking pictures (Why didn't I do that before? Good question!).

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