Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil

Confession: I have VERY dry nails. I am horrible at consistently treating them with strengtheners, cuticle oils, and creams. This is for a variety of reasons: I never see results, they never absorb, they're messy, I don't have time, they prevent polish from adhering to my nails, or they make my nails worse!

So for the past 6 months or more I have been following Simple Nail Art Tips on facebook. I think I started following because one of my manicures was featured and I thought "Oh, cool! Someone likes what I do!" Little did I know that the mastermind behind this page, Ana, had her own website and company. She created her own nail/cuticle oil out of the purest ingredients. In January she challenged people to buy her oil and not wear nail polish for 3 days to replenish the nail, cuticle, and skin of essential oils. I was amazed by the results, but I was to wimpy to participate.

When I saw that she was running the same three day challenge ("Let's Get Naked Challenge") I knew I needed to participate. My dry cracked skin and nails were begging me to finally be consistent and pamper them with a product that would work. So I gave it a try...
Before and After 3 days of no nail polish, only Pure Nail Oil!

The Verdict:
As a nail polish lover and blogger, I find myself frequently changing my nail polish. In addition to the drying effects of remover, I also have very dry skin. The first time I tried Pure Nail Oil my nails absorbed the oil quite quickly. I was surprised by how dry my nails were. Other cuticle oils I had used did not absorb as quickly or evenly. After the first day I was convinced that the skin around and under my nails was the softest it had ever been. By day three I was noticing more moisturized hands and nails, more flexible nails, and fewer hangnails. It is now weeks since I first tried Pure Nail Oil. 

I have noticed: 
  • my nails are stronger
  • my free edge is whiter and my nail bed more transparent
  • my cuticle/eponychium have shrunk back and gave been more moisturized
  • my nails are growing faster and break/crack/peel less
  • my hands look younger
This is my "holy grail" cuticle and nail oil. I cannot wait to see how it saves my hands and nails this winter!

You can purchase Pure Nail Oil through the website or through amazon. The many reviews and experiences on the website, facebook, and amazon tell some amazing experiences and include telling pictures. I did my research, and I think I made the best choice:)

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