Friday, August 30, 2013

Zoya Cashmeres Collection

Autumn is my most favorite season. I love the brisk mornings, the changing leaves, sweaters, and all of the richness of color that accompanies the season. This means that fall collections are usually among my favorite. Also, Zoya has been known for turning out some head-turning, top-selling fall collections in past years (Smoke & Mirrors; Designer, Diva, and Gloss). This year Zoya brings us the luxurious Satins and Cashmere Collections. Just the names of these collections excite me! 
Today I have the Cashmeres Collection for you. This collection is full of rich, jewel- and earth-toned, creme polishes. Take a peek...
Livingston is a "lush autumn red." This true red applied like a dream. This swatch shows two effortless coats.

Pepper is described as a "brick red cream" and it has warm brown undertones. Two lovely coats made a lovely deep fall manicure.

Sailor is a "classic dark navy cream" that appears to be a dusty indigo in some lighting. This beauty was a one-coater!

Hunter, described as a "dark sea green cream," is somewhere among pine and military green. It too applied beautifully in 2 coats.

Louise is a delicious "rich chocolate brown cream." It exudes the warmth and comfort of a mocha or coffee. This manicure had me craving dark chocolate. And it was a sweet, chocolatey smooth application in two coats. 

Flynn, a "lush camel brown nude cream," was flawless in two coats. It reminds me of something that I just can't put my finger with cream? butterscotch? wool camel trench coats? 

The Verdict:
The formula of these is perfection. I love that this collection combines the wealth and beauty of the earth through jewel-tones and earthy browns. The creme polish lover in me (which is a HUGE part of me) thinks that this is my favorite fall collection yet. I love every color and cannot wait to wear them a second, third, fourth...time. This collection is timeless, yet right on trend for the season. It has a little something for everyone. My personal must-haves are Sailor, Hunter, and Louise.

Zoya nail polish is available for purchase through their website and retail for $8.00 each.  Sign up for a Zoya account today and receive points that can be redeemed for promotions and discounts.

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