Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zoya Remove +

Nail polish remover, it is designed to remove nail polish. Not all removers are created equal. Some take forever to soften and remove polish while others are over drying. This is not even noting the SMELL of remover. 

I have tried a variety of removers. After trying pure acetone polish my hands and nails were parched (not to mention my house smelled like a lab of some sort). They were so dried out that my cuticles cracked and my hangnail population increased. I tried nonacetone polish remover which took a while to remove my polish, while still smelling up the place. I was pretty happy with these removing wipes from PritiNYC, but at the price I could not justify them for normal use.  So I gave in and bought myself a bottle of the much raved about Zoya's Remove + (the Big Flipper, of course).
So, do you think I liked it?

The Verdict:
I love how this easily removes polish (including foils, flakies, glitters, and PixieDusts). It does not dry out my hands and nails. Because it is more gentle, I am ok letting it sit on my nails longer for a stubborn polish. It has a slight lavender scent, which is so much better than the heavy chemical stench of other removers. It does contain acetone, but it also glycerin which softens polish while not stripping your skin and nails. I recently tried pure acetone remover again and was so disappointed in its performance in comparison to Remove +. I recommend trying this remover. It is my current favorite remover, despite it being more expensive.

What is your favorite remover?

Zoya Remove + can be purchased online from the company's website for $9.99. I have also found this remover available in ULTA Beauty Stores.

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