Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jewel-Toned Stained Glass

This autumn rich, jewel tones are everywhere. I must admit that I adore this trend. Jewel tones favor my complexion and are very flattering on me. Due to the fact that many polish brands have a bunch of this gorgeous tones in their polishes, it has made choosing a polish to wear ridiculously difficult. So what is better than deciding? Why, wearing all at once of course!
I created this lovely stained glass manicure using beautiful, glowing jewel inspired shades. After painting my middle and ring finger nails black I let the polish dry before dividing my nail into random sections using striping tape as painters tape. I then randomly painted the sections with beautiful metallic colors. Before the polish dried, I removed the tape. After it dried, I applied a clear topcoat to level it out. To avoid too much darkness in this manicure, I painted the rest of my nails with a beautiful textured polish.
I like this and think it adds a bit of flair to an otherwise boring autumn manicure. Besides, I was able to wear all the polishes that I could not decide between:) How do you wear jewel tones?

Polishes used: SinfulColors Black on Black and Zoya nail polishes in Mason, Neve, Channing, Giovanna, and Tomoko


  1. gorgeous! looks like stained glass :)

    1. Thank you, Raina! I'm glad its inspiration is recognizable:)