Monday, October 28, 2013

SinfulColors Crystal Crushes: Ruby Mine

The texture trend is still going strong and continues to find its way into nail polish collections, from higher-end to drugstore brands. Every brand has its own take on the texture trend incorporating glitter, flecks, metallics, or matte finishes. It is kind of fun to see how they all have a different twist.

This being said, SinfulColors recently debuted its Crystal Crushes, their own line of texture polishes. I love the colors in their range. There are a bunch of vibrant, jewel-toned texture polishes in this collection. Here is the first one that I was sent, Ruby Mine.
SinfulColors describes Ruby Mine as a "ravishing red." The company refers to the Crystal Crush collection as "a brilliant collection of gem-inspired nail polish shades with multifaceted 3D texture. Gorgeous matte colors flecked with a reflective pearl finish sure to dazzle your digits and make your heart skip a beat.  The Crystal Crushes collection features eight vivid shades sprinkled with an angel dust finish."

The Verdict:
The formula on this was a bit odd. It was thick, due to the shimmer and texture particles, yet watery. It applied nicely in two coats. Next time I use this I will err on the thin side for my coats, wiping more polish off the brush before applying. I thin the brush grabbed more polish than I expected, which was user error. The pigmentation on this was beautiful. I adore the gold shimmer in this polish, it compliments the beautiful ruby hue nicely. These texture polishes differ from others that I have tried because they are not completely matte also the texture is more subtle, yet still noticeable. I recommend these polishes to anyone who wants to try this trend. The color range of these is amazing, go out and snag them before they're gone!

The SinfulColors Crystal Crush polishes retail for $2.99 at Walgreens for fall 2013. 

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