Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OPI Stranger Tides

This is my last week at the beach:-\

While digging through swacthes & past manicures to post about, I realized that I had only shared 2 of the 4 OPI Stranger Tides minis I own!  This is the perfect week to share the other 2.  Today I'm sharing Stranger Tides, the namesake of the 2011 spring collection.
This color is a greyed-out dusty, dingy sage.  This cream polish required 3 coats to even out & reach opacity.

The Verdict:
I love the color but hate the application.  ALL of my mini OPIs are a pain to apply because of the dinky brush with stiff plastic bristles.  I think if I had a full size of this it would have been a different application.  This color is kind of ugly, but it's so ugly it's pretty.  I found myself staring at this color all day at work when I wore it.  I guess I'll have to track down the full-size:)

OPI nail polish retails for around $8 and can be found in many beauty retailers.  This collection is no longer available, although Ulta's summer collection contains many polishes from this collection.

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