Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge--Day 8 (last day)

Lindsey at the Neverland Nail Blog is so incredibly creative.  I love her blog so very much and about 3 weeks ago she announced The Summer Fun Challenge.
Sadly this is the LAST day of the Summer Fun Challenge:(  What will inspire me to do crazy things to my nails???  I guess I'll have to wait until I come across a new doable, fun, inspiring challenge.  Alas, here is the final challenge-inspired manicure...

Day 6: Fun in the Sun!
Lindsey describes "Fun in the sun!" as follows, " bust out those bright colors and crazy patterns, anything goes today!"  So I thought, why not do a pretty, elegant, classic pattern but juxtaposed in bright, neon, summery colors?  I took this idea and ran with it to create...

 (nearly) NEON lace!

This fun manicure was created by painting my nails with Zoya Purity after they were appropriately prepped with a base coat.  Then I did a variation of my hand-painted lace pattern (tutorial here) to make it  have a scalloped edge.  The lace was painted using a fine paintbrush and Zoya Paz.  I really love this.  While I was painting I decided to leave my ring finger as an accent nail to create a little balance and to prevent an overwhelming manicure.  

There you have it.  Last one, and among my favorites.  My favorite manicures I created were... 

Check out what some other polish lovers created: 

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