Friday, July 6, 2012

The Prettiest, Most Wearable Orange... Zoya Elise.

Upon discovering Zoya I looked up the names of family & friends to see how closely the colors fit their personality.  I'm not sure too many seemed to, but the contrast between my namesake and my sister's was spot on.  The colors don't really "represent" us well but medium mauve vs. shimmery coral orange describes us well (careful, safe, classic vs. adventurous, stylish, sophisticated).

My sister and I are best friends.  I could not have been blessed with a more prefect sister and friend.  So naturally I ordered our namesake polishes as my first Zoya nail polishes.  Unfortunately I have never worn Elise, despite owning her for a while.

After spending this week with family, I decided that I need to try this polish.  Am I glad I did or what?  This polish is lovely.  I'm currently kicking myself for waiting so long!

Here she is:
 Zoya describes her as "Smooth medium coral-orange with fine-textured gold duochrome shimmer."  As usual this is a spot-on description.
The Verdict:
This is the prettiest orange I have ever worn.  Anyone who is petrified of wearing an orange polish MUST try this one.  It is extremely flattering against my pale skin, and I can imagine that it is wearable against most skin tones.  It is so summery and it's so glowy, it made my nails look longer and very sophisticated.  This is my FAVORITE orange polish that I own.  Check it out:)

Zoya nail polishes retail $8 from their website.  Set up a Zoya account to receive LOVE points and promo codes.

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