Monday, April 1, 2013

"The Stripe" Nail Art

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the single stripe nail art that popped up at past fashion weeks. This is easy, classy nail art that leans more minimalist than past nail art ventures. To recreate the single stripe nail look, I used coordinating shades from Barielle's Some Like it Hot (summer '12) and Sweet Treats (spring '13) collections.
This is a great way to transition from season to season by bringing pastels and brights together. Here they are from in-your-face to subtle (also least favorite to favorite).

Green Apple Chew with Lily of the Valley stripes.

Banana Drop with Sunshine stripes.

Orange Parfait with You Gotta Have Fate stripes.

I really like this concept. I must also say I really don't like the green combo above. I am not sure if it is the mix of finishes, the extremes of the colors, or if the colors are just unappealing together. Also, I'm still not loving Green Apple Chew. You win some you loose some;) The coral combination is definitely my favorite but the yellow one is pretty too. I cannot wait to try this with other colors.

Have you tried this easy minimalist nail art yet?  What are your favorite colors to use?

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