Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing with Polish--piCture pOlish mirage

Ok, so every now and then I go a little crazy playing with nail polish.  Sometimes I'm testing out nail art ideas, other times I'm playing with layering or testing out "effects."

This episode of Playing with Polish, is no different.  I recently swatched piCture pOlish mirage for Blog Fest 2012.  I fell in love with it even though I could not master its application for the life of me.  Every time I swatched on a dark color like navy or black there was balding at my tips and cuticles. Besides, it was almost as if the polish shrunk after application.   I could probably use more layers, but I didn't want my nails to look thick with polish.  I was determined to master mirage.

I decided to play with it.  I layered it over a medium teal polish.  It was stunning, see for yourself!
See?  MUCH prettier than over a SUPER dark color:)  Even the duo chrome is prettier!
I know what you're thinking "what's with the dots?" well I put them there so you could see the color that I put underneath.  Also, I was just playing around;)

Have you tried out anything lately while playing with polish???

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  1. I really like the dots over the top, it totally sets it off -- love that shimmer!