Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SUMMER FAVORITES--Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick

This week I will be sharing some of my summer favorites from this year.  I am excited to share some of these products with you.  Many of them you have seen or heard of repeatedly here or on facebook or twitter.  Others will be new mentions although I have been reaching for them since June!

I must confess that most of my beauty tips and tricks come from my favorite vloggers on youtube.  I also adore the spectacular finds that they share.  One such find was from Rachel from RachhLoves who suggested in her May Favorites Video and also in her Pre-Summer Haul (she thinks she heard about them from StyleHaul) to try Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick.

I bought 2 colors that I wouldn't normally wear (I'm a neutral lip kind of girl).  I purchased 511B (Nouveau Pink) and 519A (Hot Red).  The swatches below only feature Nouveau Pink.  Soon I will share Hot Red, but I have lost it somewhere and cannot take swatch pictures of lost lipstick.

The Verdict:
I adore this lipstick.  Lipstick usually dries out my lips and makes them flaky in the next day or so, very unattractive.  This lipstick was nondrying and was actually quite moisturizing.  The lipstick is very pigmented and the color you see on the lipstick is the color you get on your lips.  One downside is that they don't have very great wear time, however because of the color payoff and nondrying formula I don't mind reapplying. Also they're SUPER inexpensive so I don't mind applying often or picking up a color I normally wouldn't wear.  I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who wants to try out a new lip trend:)

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks can be found in most pharmacies or  They retail for $0.99 each.  The color selection and names can be seen from their website.

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