Monday, August 20, 2012


This week I will be sharing some of my summer favorites from this year.  I am excited to share some of these products with you.  Many of them you have seen or heard of repeatedly here or on facebook or twitter.  Others will be new mentions although I have been reaching for them since June!

Earlier this year when Zoya was having their Earth Day promo I decided to buy Zoya Purity, a white cream polish.  I know what you're thinking, "Kate, when you could buy any amazing polish with a unique finish you chose WHITE?!?!?!"  Well, yes I did.  I love how long Zoya polishes wear on me.  Also, I have had poor experiences with some white/pastel/pale drugstore and big name salon polishes cracking on my nails. This is a problem I had not encountered with any of my Zoyas so I decided to give Purity a whirl.

Purity is a "bright, stark, perfectly clean pure white with a glossy creme finish. A bold and versatile white is a must for any polish collection."  I've worn Purity in a variety of manicures all summer and never get tired of the clean simplicity of a white manicure.

The Verdict:
This is my favorite white.  I cannot wait to wear it during every season!  Whether it's wonderful for a statement making plain white manicure or embellished within nail art that makes a shout out to your creativity.  There is always a place for Purity, no matter what season or occasion.  If you don't already have a favorite white I highly recommend this one:)

Zoya nail polishes retail $8 from their website.  Set up a Zoya account to receive LOVE points and promo codes. ***Hint, Hint*** Zoya warned us today to have an account set up by this Wednesday!


  1. Love Zoya and this looks like a very nice white shade.

    1. I love it! I've had other white/pastel polishes crack on my nails, but this one stays strong and doesn't yellow:)